Coffee matters – new cafe in Sham Shui Po.

When I arrived in Hong Kong, I knew I will be living in the least expat friendly area full of scary people who might or might not be connected with some underground organisations – first week in and I already saw live a battle of gangs just in front of my building. But enough about that.


The longer I live here, the more I love the area! For a coffee lover, it’s a perfect place to be. The whole district is covered with tiny cafes serving specialty coffee or hand drip coffee. Some of my favourites spots include a tiny cafe hidden in Dragon Centre, probably the oldest mall around. It’s called Le Petit Salon and maybe I will write about it next time.

Lately, I came across a new cafe opened very close to our house, just opposite of our favourite dai pai dong (street food restaurant).

It’s called Coffee Matters and looks very new. Interior design is in Loft theme, as P. would call it. White walls, small mosaic tiles on the floor, wood and metal painted black chairs. It looks very ascetic. The place doesn’t seem like one that would give you a time limit, at least not yet!

You can brew your own hand drip coffee and get 10 HKD discount as well! Price of Single origin Drip coffee was around 50-60 HKD, cold brew was 50 HKD and espresso based coffees were around 40-50 HKD. Espresso machine they use is an old style machine called La Marzocco which is not automatic – they have to press down a handle to push the espresso out.

For those with a sweet tooth you can also order some homemade pastries, that include croissants with strawberry jam or cream cheese rolls.

If you ever come to Kowloon and wish for a relaxing coffee environment, I recommend to visit this little piece of heaven.



Coffee Matters

No. 170 Ki Lung Street, Sham Shui Po, KLN 

Hours 11:00 AM – 7:30 PM


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