How will year 2019 treat me?

Over the holidays and New Year’s first day, Social Media keeps flooding you with people being happy with their previous year, showing off their best moments of 2018. Then a wave of happy partying people photos come. New Year’s Resolutions made public. It seems like everyone’s 2018 was amazing, but they still wish for a better 2019. Wow, I’m thinking. Quite greedy, aren’t we?

My 2018 was a very difficult year. While there have been many happy moments, like P.’s (work training) graduation, my sister visiting me in Hong Kong and then my mom as well, trips to Japan and Vietnam, our wedding photoshoot as well! But there were many many moments when I was on a verge of just packing up my bags and going… well, I don’t even know where. But not back to Poland. As much as Poland is my home-country, it does not feel like home to stay in my family’s house, as it’s been years since I left it and it has also changed so much.

Struggling over year 2018, made me realise what I want more than before, but it’s still a bit blurry and although almost turning 30 years old, I still do not have confidence about my life and wish to turn over a leaf one day in the future.

New Year’s Eve was a bit of a struggle by itself when I realised some people from my in-law family don’t seem to like me at all and I came to conclusion their feelings are totally mutual. That can’t be good obviously. And so my New Year’s resolution is to hold it in and don’t show it on my face in 2019. And hopefully it won’t ruin the mood then.

I did write some silly New Year’s resolutions as well that I would forget about within next month, but these are not my main goals. And for 2019, I only wish that things the simple things we have already planned would work out well. That is a trip to Poland mainly. Please world, let it work!

How do you imagine your 2019 to be?


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