Mr. Cardigan cafe and a breeze of fresh air.

There is this place in Hong Kong where, once you open a little wooden gate, you enter an entirely different world. Mostly outdoors, Mr. Cardigan is a cafe-turned-trailer with a a bit of hippie vibe.

There are benches outside and lots of space filled with cactuses and other plants, a high table with stools, comfy armchairs that seem to be usually occupied by cats living there and a table inside of the trailer for some AC.

They play nice music and the whole trailer smells like a spa and the whole atmosphere is very relaxing.

When you go to place an order, you discover rather small range of options, but all of them being equally tempting, so having to choose is quite a challenge.

Mr. Cardigan offers a few refreshing soda drinks, some teas and coffees, as well as 2-3 sweet treats. You can see the whole menu when you search it from Open Rice app.

Their coffee is served in a bag – first time tasting it like this for me. They probably prepare it beforehand if you want it cold.

Every drink is served in the most beautiful way I have ever seen and although not really far from the city, when I got my order, I felt like on holidays in some tropical place. Your drink is placed on wooden tray with fruits and cookies arranged in a really pretty way. See for yourself:

The visit at Mr. Cardigan becomes a wholesome experience after you finish it off with some interactions with cats belonging to the owner (I think).

The best spot when you go for a bicycle trip to Tai Mei Tuk! Make sure to stop by.

Mr. Cardigan

Shan Liu Road, Tai Po


Open on Sundays only 14:00 – 18:00


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