A day away from the city.

With the difficult ongoing situation in Hong Kong, it’s hard to just go out and enjoy your life, as where ever you go, shadow of the protests follows you. Although much concerned about the situation, P. and I decided to run away from it and spend some time out of the city.

Sounds grand, but it’s the easiest thing you can do in Hong Kong. Get in the car and you’re in the mountains in barely 30 minutes’ drive. We rode half way up to Tai Mo Shan, one of the highest mountain in Hong Kong and stopped at so-called Picnic Site No 3. 

We took few items with us to enjoy some time in the sun. That includes: ground coffee, filters, dripper, cups and gas stove we borrowed (used for hot pot usually). We prepared some fresh coffee ignoring people who were staring at us and calling us freaks and then we enjoyed it “with the view”.

The weather was perfect and the coffee tasted better than usual. Doing this made us feel like in another country or another dimension. Hong Kong is a busy city and even people hiking on every day off would be rather fast walkers without taking time to lazily spend their time in the nature. I am pretty sure not many people in Hong Kong would choose this type of “activity” for their day off and that’s why when I tell people about it, they are laughing thinking it’s a joke.

Even more than anything, those “weird” things that P. and I do here in Hong Kong, that’s so different from what HK people would do, keep me sane and let me my “Polish style” going.


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