Hong Kongers obsessions with hygiene.

Since the virus crisis started in 2020 I started to notice Hong Kong people tend to over-protect themselves in this situation. It is fully understandable why they are doing so, but it makes me smirk sometimes as well.

  1. No haircut. Ever.

A lot of people I know declared that they will not get a haircut because they are scared of contracting a virus in the salon. I’m not sure how would that work, but I suppose as most of those people were guys, they think they would have to take off their masks off to have their sideburns shortened as well? Either way, if the hairdresser wears a mask and the customer wears a mask and your hair is being washed twice – before and after the cut, I don’t suppose that would be a risk. But, as they say, better safe than sorry…. right?

Even if you forget sanitiser, you can get it anywhere!

2. Tissue to open doors.

This is something European people would probably do as well. Hong Kong people would have a tissue ready to use to touch door handles. They would always use it and then, even then, they would spray their hands with sanitiser in the end. Some of them reuse the same tissue sometimes.

3. Using…. anything… to press elevator buttons.

I saw keys, plastic gloves, tissues, pens… You must know that in HK, even without the pandemic, security would usually sanitise the buttons every couple hours, so it’s way safer than in Europe. You can see so many destroyed buttons in elevators now, you can play a new game – guess what people used to press the button?

4. Sanitiser, double shot.

Okay, so use of sanitiser is good. Every time I come from outside or even from the toilet, I would use sanitiser to make sure it is clean. But some HK people don’t stop there. I would sit in straight line from common use sanitiser spray in my office so I could observe it clearly. People who would just work on their computers normally, would stand up every 20-30 minutes just to get a sanitiser shot. Without touching anything else than their own desk sanitised in the morning… Well, no amount is enough I guess.

Face masks we gave out to poorer neighbourhoods as volunteers.

5. Face mask – make it double too!

Everyone in HK would wear a face mask to protect themselves and others, even if it works only a little. However some people on the metro could be seen wearing two or three masks at once. I can only image how hot must it be inside there. I don’t think it will keep happening as the temperatures in HK are going up to 30 degrees C soon though…

What over-sensitive measures have you seen? Do you think we all should follow?


2 thoughts on “Hong Kongers obsessions with hygiene.

  1. Some of these seem a bit too much xD I’ve read frequently that it’s actually not that good to use hand sanitiser in normal situations (the current epidemic doesn’t count, of course) as it kills everything, the good and the bad. Here in China many foreigners always carry a small bottle of hand sanitiser but to be honest I had never owned one until the coronavirus… a bit of dirt and germs is good for the immune system, hahaha.

    PS. What’s the point of using a tissue to touch a handle if you later reuse it? You would be carrying the potential virus around with you!

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  2. Well, we entered a rather high level of contagion paranoia here in France as well. Hongkog are Korea are presented as our role models 😉


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