Stages of Polish language learning…

This blog post is solely dedicated to my husband and will include the whole page of complaints. Please be warned. Now to start, let's stress it, Polish is not the easiest language in the world and it can definitely be discouraging when you try to understand all the changes to verbs and nouns. That being … Continue reading Stages of Polish language learning…

My life after June 2019.

What I wanted to write about this time is, how ongoing protests affected my life in Hong Kong, as well as my way of thinking. Although I am not directly involved, there is something happening around town everyday and no matter what, every single person in Hong Kong got affected by it in one way … Continue reading My life after June 2019.

Public hospitals in Hong Kong – what surprised me.

Last few months were pretty life changing so I wasn't able to write much, but here comes another post, this time about public hospital care in Hong Kong which surprised me in many ways. 1. Language. I used both private and public clinics/hospitals and my experience when it comes to communication was quite unexpected. While … Continue reading Public hospitals in Hong Kong – what surprised me.

Pregnancy in Hong Kong – the local way.

Starting from November 2018, P.'s family was experiencing real baby boom. The production was quite intense and three babies are in making. One was born in November 2018, another due this month and who knows when is the next. We're just waiting to hear about more people in the family announcing theirs. And so when … Continue reading Pregnancy in Hong Kong – the local way.