Non-standard standards of Hong Kong.

Almost 2 years in Hong Kong and I am still trying to get used to some stuff that come so natural for locals in Hong Kong, but is a mystery to me. It is mostly the food connected stuff that is a bit unique comparing to what I'm used to. 1- Lunch set menu. When … Continue reading Non-standard standards of Hong Kong.


Gambling your way into (Chinese) New Year.

I mentioned in my previous post about how difficult and complicated the process of giving out Red Pockets is during Chinese New Year in Hong Kong, but I failed to mentioned how do people in Hong Kong actually spend it. It turns out, there are only three ingredients for spending CNY in Hong Kong: food, … Continue reading Gambling your way into (Chinese) New Year.

Red envelopes craze, i.e. Chinese New Year

It was early December when red envelopes pop up shops started popping up around Mongkok area. Right after Christmas was over, Fuk Wa Street where you usually buy decorations for every occasion, changed from Santa Claus and Christmas trees to red decorations and oranges. This year, CNY is coming early and so the preparations started … Continue reading Red envelopes craze, i.e. Chinese New Year