Forest Cafe 森林咖啡 – escape from the big city.

Summer is over and weather in Hong Kong is getting better. That means it’s finally Polish style summer weather with temperatures around 24-28 degrees Celsius and you start to want to spend you day out.


Both P. and me decided to drive to the place recommended by P.’s boss and see if we like it as well. And obviously we did, a lot.

To get to the place you have to drive – it’s not very accessible by public transport, however you can get a minibus to get somewhere close by. I am not good with mini buses, but if you know how to get to Lam Tsuen Wishing Tree, you’re halfway there, as it’s very close.

Once you find the little sign showing you where to turn, you are actually entering a real forest, although very small one. In the middle stands a little house with exif_temp_image-1outdoor terrace covered with roof tent. The house and terrace are both made from wood with small table and long benches mixed together for both small and bigger groups. There is a big swing on the back, and a London red telephone booth in the front. The place invites you to go around and explore. The indoor part is decorated in a very European style, full of antiques and retro style stuff you would find in antiques shops.

Menu boasts about handmade buns used for burgers, as well as many coffee and tea based drinks. Prices start at 30 HKD, but never go above 115 HKD – that’s the price for their special prawn Burger that comes with a fruit salad as well.

img_9351Once you settle in your seat and order food and drinks, all there is left for your to do is smell the trees and observe birds and squirrels that apparently show up once in a while. Due to typhoon, a huge tree that was growing on one side fell down and now you can see the huge roots facing the cafe, which is both scary and fascinating. If the tree fell to the other side the whole cafe would be ruined, so that was a huge blessing in disguise.

The reason why I was so infatuated with this cafe is the fact that it just doesn’t seems like any other place in Hong Kong. A lot of coffee shops here are expecting some kind of behaviour from you, but this cafe was very casual and welcoming. The staff didn’t make a fuss when it turned out that we do not have enough cash and need to pay with coins. They never kicked us out because of time limit. It is hard to get there without a car, so you wouldn’t go there everyday but I think it’s totally worth visiting once in a while!


Forst Cafe 森林咖啡

DD19 Lam Kam Road, Tai Po

Open Tuesday-Sunday 12:00 – 18:00

Cash only


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